Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aug.18, 11

Good Morning.... We slept in till 7am what a treat for me. I got up and labled some resturant cheese for David to take to market this morning. I went out and cleaned the parlor. Danyel and Kiara went out and loaded my does for me, they also fed and watered the animals. When we got into the house we changed clothes and went to eat breakfast. Danyel and I decided we should go out to breakfast once a week just for a treat. So we went into Winlock for breakfast. It was very good. When we got home the girls got thier make up on and are now heading to the SW Washington Fair for the day of some fun. Me, I will be packaging cheese and making some chevre and I will try and get a batch of feta made this evening. I have to package up some restuant orders and then farmers market cheese. All is quiet here now except for the big tractor on the burm moving dirt and rock at the rock quarry next door.
Well off to work I go before I want to take a nap. Have a great day!)

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