Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wow! My computer crashed

Our computer died... we had to have BNS come and redo the computers. Its crazy how much stuff you keep on your computer. All my graphics and our business stuff. They so far saved the business stuff. But all the designes I'v done for the past 10 years are missing.
Its been a crazy few days around here. Jodi, the lady that is founder of Rwanda NOW , was here overnight with her mom. We had a couple meetings with people about our trip to Africa. Its pretty exciting to think it really might happen this year. My parents came and put a screend door thing up that hooks together with magnets. We had a tour too. I also made cheese.
The computer guy was here from 8am - 4pm yesterday and then he was here today for about 2 hours. David went and got grain today. I am making chevre today, I salted the feta this morning. I don't have to package cheese today but will tomorrow. Danyel and Kiara milked the goats this morning and then this evening the girls will go swing dancing in Olympia so I will have to milk tonight.
Well I will let you go and enjoy you slow relaxing day.

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  1. Losing important computer files can be a disaster. Don't lose hope. I am sure your computer guy can come up with a way to retrieve as many files as possible. Think positive!