Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Computer Crash

I am back. Our computer crashed... have you ever had that happen? Well this was our first time in 20 years. Oh my Gosh!( We lost 10 years of pictures, all my last 20 years of graphic designs. As well as some of our favorite programs. Since this has happened we now have one open computer for everyone to use on line and my office computer which only goes on line when I tell it too.
This last week has been crazy as usual. I have 14 resturant orders which came to about 100# of cheese going out. As usual the farmers market cheese which is about 230 pieces of cheese to lable and weigh and package. Now this week I already have 7 restuant orders to fill, and the farmers market cheeses to do as well as 2 back to back cheese classes. I did the first cheese class yesterday and it was a birthday class special booking. It was a lot of fun. I think the ladies enjoyed thier selves. The weather was great.
Today is my next class, so yesteday I have clean up after the class - no help- everyone is running in 10 directions trying to get things done. I stacked the dirty dishes and pans and picked up the front room. I had to package cheese for the Wed. farmers market is Stielcoom and a resturant order for 30# of chevre to be picked up too. The garlic and dill chevre and the Grande' Rosa still needed labeled and weighed. And so what do David and I do but go to the 5:30pm. I have milking to do when we get home. Oh, yes and I had to go pick up some extra milk at another dairy on our way home from the fair and clean her bulk tank. We walked around the fair and enjoyed our selves.. This is a new thing that we don't have kids with us or to pick up or to plan around. We ate dinner and David bought me a new clip for my hair that is all hand crafted... its beautiful. We visited with goat friends and saw some sheep friends too. There were less cows at the fair. I didn't see any llama's. All in all it was a nice 3 hour evening with David. Danyel and Kiara, our granddaughter, went swing dancing in Olympia and wont be home till late ( around 2:30am) We left the fair at 8:30pm and got our extra things done and then onto cleaning the parlor, its 9:30pm now, and set it up to milk. Unload the milk in the 5 gallon buckets and dump it into the bulk tank. David and I loaded up the milkers. I started milking and David fed the dogs and loaded his truck up for market, labeled about 50 pieces of cheese and washed clothes. The whole time I am out milking I am thinking about getting things ready for the cheese class today.... I got done milking at 11:15pm. I went to bed. David stayed up and finished his projects... he doesn't go to be till 2am anyway so it gave hime something to do.
This moring that alarm went off at 5:30 and I put it on snooze. Got up at 5:50am. I have washed the dishes in the kitchen, cleaned the counters off. Cleaned off the table and arranged chairs for the class. I have cleaned the milk parlor and set it up for Danyel to milk this morning and my granddaughter to do the watering. David will hay when he gets up and grain the goats and feed the dogs. I am going in to put together my cheese class books, and organize my counter to make my class go smoothly. I have to vaccum yet and get dressed, and wake up the girls. Milking wont start this morning until almost 9am because of how late we were last night and its suppose to get hot today so we wouldn't milk ( I wont milk until it starts to cool down about 8:30pm) till later anyway.
Well I better get moving and finish my prep stuff and have a cup of coffee to get me motivated. Talk to you all soon.

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