Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another trip on the motorcylce

Well we sure have had another week of good weather. Which my goats survived quite nicely. I did a really dumb thing this week. I had a container of Iodine in the milk parlor and so when I ran out of my teat dip, I just filled full stength with this iodine.... OUCH! my does have sores on thier teats_ we only did it 3 times before we saw what was happening. But now we have to bag balm, tea tree oil them and use colidal silver mixture on them.. poor babies.
Needless to say Danyel is running to the farmstore to get the right iodine for our girls. I sure hope thier teats heal quickly it makes me cringe each time I have to squeeze them.
I made 3 batches of cheese this week. 2 chevre and 1 grande rosa. Fred came and took the whey from the grande rosa batch to feed to his pigs. Markets have been pretty good this week too. We sold about 50 pounds of chevre to restuarants too.
Danyel milked this morning and I did the feeding and watering, I also cleaned the milk parlor.
I got my new scale and printer.... oh happy day. Its so nice to weigh and it does all the work. David programed in our weight prices and there you go. We just have to get the customer use to the change.... you know they don't like change.
David bought me 50 pounds of carrots to can this week. I canned 20 qts so far and 2 pints. I still have two boxes left to can.
But today I am going for another motorcycle ride to Mt. Rainier..... should be about 5 or 6 hour ride. Hope my behind holds out.
I have lost 7 pounds so far and feel great. I am not hungery which is a big thing to me.... most of the time its habit to pick up something to munch on.
Danyel is going on her first official date with Taylor, new and great boyfriend. They are headng to Red Lobster all dressed up formal. Her in her gold gown and him in his 3 piece suit. How cute. I have to be home before they leave at 4 today so I can take pictures.
Well got to get my helmet and get my leather coat and get ready to leave. You all have a great day.

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