Sunday, December 25, 2011

Babies, Babies and More

We had twins tonight.  The sannen doe, Sheila, sprained her leg somehow during kidding.  She was fine when we checked on her, then we go up after dinner to find she is lame on her front leg and is cleaning up white twin kids.  We used a towel around her chest and helped her into a pen with a heat lamp for the kids.  We will check on her through the night to see that she doesn't fall on the kids. 
We sold our first set of kids today.  They were a Christmas gift from a husband to his wife.  They were so in love with the kids.  They also had two children and they thought they were pretty neat too.
We were going to go to the Casino for dinner tonight but Shiela had other plans for us.
So I warmed up some ham, baked potatoe and some sweet carrots,  homemade rolls and served a green salad.  It filled us up and now we can just relax for the rest of the evening, other than going up and checking on Shiela.
We have had 15 kids so far.  Only got about 50 more does to go.
We won't start milking them until we have 8 does with babies and then we have to wait 3 days after the 8th doe has her babies before we start the whole milking process again.  So we have 7 does right now.
One of the best things ever is right now we have no TV cause I didn't pay the Direct TV Bill.  I had to make choices and decided to catch up with the bill in a few more weeks.  But its so quiet here and everyone finds differnt things to do.... like read, play sudko, draw and play the wii game.  We have watch movies we have had for years and have never seen them.  Its a wonderful day for MOM!
I am thinking more about Africa.... packing and getting things ready. I will go get my perscription filled tomorrow for the Malaria and I also have to order a phone for $80 to use over there. 
I am borrowing my daughters carry on bag on wheels for all my clothes and such and then the other two big suitcases are filling up with stuff to give away.  My  mom is even getting into the show by sending some matchbox cars she bought.  I am still in shock that I am actually going.  This is just crazy.  Can't wait to see what God had in store for me.
Our new Intern Tim will be here tomorrow.  We are buying 50 gallons of milk from Lucky Hook farm in Moses Lake. Tim will be picking it up on his way to Winlock Washington.  I need to make chevre for the restuants by Friday.  Hope the ph is right so it all hangs great.  Tim is going to get to help me make the first batch of cheese.  I am hoping I can teach him how to make the cheese while I am in Africa and package it up for David.  That will take a huge load off my mind while I am gone.
I will go out tomorrow and get things ready for the milk and cheese making in the processing plant.
Well I am going to let you go.  Have a very Blessed Evening and remember to stop and Smell the Roses.

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