Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Cold is here!

The weather is very cold... I know because I have a pile of ice next to the water buckets from breaking the ice and scooping it onto the ground. (Actually the girls do this).  I grained the does this morning and checked to see how close we are to kidding.. maybe a week to go.  I sure hope so cause I am almost out of cheese and cheese makes money and pays the bills. 
I will package cheese tomorrow morning and then run to Longview (45 miles) and pick up my 2 year old granddaughter.  She will be here for 3 days.  I may have to run our adopted grandma to the Dr. on Thur. - Tacoma.  The girls will watch Samantha for the day.  Have two cheese deliveries to restuants in Olympia on Thur, David will deliver them.  Then Market on Friday at Pikes Place. 
Daniel, our visitor, got a job at the Pikes Place Market so he will be moving to Seattle.  We have our first foster daughter living here right now too.  So our house is full again.
Christmas is just going by the wayside I think.  Africa is taking presidence and so I have no extra energy.  I will make the Christmas Eve Soup and Rolls and the the sugar cookies to frost.  But gifts will be small if I get to it. 
We will be waiting to see about the tickets to Africa till the last minute.
Well enjoy the cool weather and stay warm but most of all remember that family is the best gift we can give each other.

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