Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kidding season has begun

We have two does in labor.  Danyel checked on them at 8pm and nothing yet.  We will check again about 10pm.
I went to Olympia today and David and Ali went to Seattle, Pikes Place Market.  This weekend was pretty good - which is really needed since we are behind on our truck payment, liability insurance.  We are not doing Christmas as I will take the extra $ and buy gifts in Africa.... which is still up in the air... again.  I no longer get excited until I am holding the tickets in my hand.  So what will be will be.  If the tickets don't come through before Christmas we will give out gift certificates or cash to everyone to go get something they want after Christmas.  I hope I can go since I don't look forward to such a non present day.
I guess the its family getting together that counts not the gifts.  Anyway its sad to think we wont be doing very much for the family.
Oh well, cry as I will - God knows best.
I am going to go buy some supplies to make candy and cookies tomorrow.  We are having potatoe soup and rolls for Christmas Eve dinner.
Well have a good evening and I will keep you posted on kidding.

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