Friday, December 30, 2011

More Babies _ Does Milking now

We went out to the barn this morning to find 3 more babies born.  I cleaned the milk parlor for the third time this year.  Its a good feeling to be out in the milk parlor again.  The day has a purpose and we are back on a schedual.  We milked 10 does this morning... we got more milk than we needed for feeding kids this morning.  We had 14 kids to bottle feed.  All but 5 ate.  Two of the kids are ones we are keeping and Danyel warned them this morning if they didn't eat this evening  mom was going to tube them.  Hopefully that scares them enough they eat thier bottles.
My two grandchildren are here for a few days.  Kiara and Nick, I think they enjoy themselves. 
Today I will go check on the Chevre in the processing plant....David is holding his breath so he can go deliver his cheese to the restuarnts.  We haven't been able to go to Pikes Place because we have no chevre to sell.  Maybe this next week.
Well Ethiopia cancelled one of our flights.  So we are leaving on the 20th instead of the 18th and I will stay a little longer - not sure on the return date.  I also found out the airport in Ethiopia is small -- that makes me feel so much better.
More up dates later.
Have a Great Day

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