Wednesday, December 28, 2011

x tra post on kids

We had 6 does kid today, triplets, twins, and single, In all 11 kids.  We have mom's doubled up in pens.  its pretty crazy in our barn right now.  Ali had to make a graphic chart for me to lable so we knew where everyone was and who had what for kids. Our totals are 35 kids - 19 bucks and 16 does.  We have picked out 4 does and 1 buck for replacer animals so far.  I need to pick 20 replacer does for our milk line in 2 years.  So I have a ways to go before I have all my girls picked out.  In the mean time we have people coming and buying our kids.  Trying to get 20 kids does for a lady in Spokane too.  Well will have more to post tomorrow.

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