Friday, December 9, 2011

Rwanda here comes Rhonda?

Well I thought all was good to go for the trip to Africa, but alas no.  The one organization only sent $1300 for my airline ticket and the ticket is $1790.  There is no way we can come up with the extra money.... so we will watch and see what will God do.  December isn't a good time on the farm... money is always tight and there is little if any income.  When the babies are born that usually gives us alittle to help get by till April when markets start again.  David just called me and said non of our big restaurants ordered cheese for next week... they have no Christmas parties coming up.  So all we have are a few markets to do and that is that.  We thought since our money was pretty tight this year I would take some of the money from the sale of the kids to Africa and buy everyone gifts there... it would help the income of the people in Africa and our budget too.  So if I don't go we have to figure out how we will do Christmas.  Isn't this the way it always goes?  I am faithful God will do something great so that I can brag on Him about the trip.
We went to Longview 45 miles away to walk through the Journey of Bethlehem - it was great.  We were cold but the church did a great job.  Got home and I packaged the one order for David and he packed up the car for market.
Today we grained all the goats, and grandma and grandpa brought donuts for breakfast at 9am.  Now I have to go out and package cheese for the farmers market this weekend.  Sales for Nov. and Dec. are down quite a bit and so the aniticapated money we thought we would make and have is pretty nill.
On top our car insurance is almost $500 a month.... because they go off your credit score.  OUCH!   Being a farmer you feast or famine.... everyone who is a farmer knows that and you would think the insurance people would too.  Oh well such is life.
We have four adult children living here right now. Daniel lives in Seattle but wanted to watch kids being born and help around the farm.  Which he has done a great job helping David.  Then we have one of our first foster daughters staying here for  awhile, she is finishing highschool and helping with the farm work too.  Then there is Danyel and Ali here too.  Talk about a shocker feeding three people to 6 people.  Good thing we got that beef in the freezer and some goat too.
Well thats enough about that stuff.
Goats are looking ripe for kidding soon.  Some are much closer than others.  Hopefully in the next few weeks we have kids on the ground and maybe I can make some cheese before I head to Africa.
Have a great weekend....Jesus is the Reason for the Season
Merry Christmas

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