Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Stork at our Farm is very busy

We went out to the barn to find two does had babies.  Then three more have kidded and its only 2pm.  Tomorrow we are pulling kids off of 8 does and will start milking them.  We are running out of we are out of pens.  No problems kidding which is great.  Although I have to say that my goats look very healthy. 
I made Chevre last night and hung it this morning.  Its a slow daining chevre - which isn't going to make my husband very happy cause he has orders on Thur and Fri to Resturants.  They will just have to wait. 
David is stressing out cause we are broke financially and the money isn't coming in fast enough.  I know God will handle it and so I keep working as if everything is great.  I have faith in the unseen and the promise of my Daddy.
Anyway things are hopping around here.  Ali has got a pell grant for her college in Vancouver Wa.  She wants to be a airline steward.  So she may be moving in a month or so... after I get back from Africa.
I have been to busy to even think about Africa. 
A couple came and bought two kids this morning.  So my Africa fund is now $100.  Thats a start.
Well I think I will go eat some lunch.  As I am home alone. 
David took Ali Driving.  Danyel is heading to town and Tim just told me he is heading to town too. 
All the sounds I hear are coming from the washing machine and the dish washer.
I will check on the goats in a few hours, it didn't look like anyone else was going to kid today...... but  you never know.

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