Monday, December 12, 2011

Babies Soon

It was frozen out this morning.  The water buckets were frozen and so the hammer and warm water are in action.  Things are moving slow around here, but they are moving.  We have 9 pens ready with heat lamps for kids and we have been spreading the word that babies are for sale for $25 dollars for 3 day old kids. 
Farmers Markets are almost done for 2011 and that means drying up of money... oh well.
My trip to Africa is again at an iffy stage.... the one group only gave me $1300 and my round trip ticket is almost $1800.  So if God wants me to go he will have the rest of the money here for the ticket.  Waiting for the money transfere to be able to actually purchase the ticket.  So maybe God has another plan that I don't know about.  I am not worried cause if I am suppose to go I will go.
Though this could put a crimp in our Christmas Plans as we have told everyone that I would bring them something home for Christmas gifts from Africa.... But I guess if I don't go David and I are going shopping on the night before Christmas....ICK!
All our goats are looking really healthy and that makes me excited.  last year a month before they were due about 20 goats aborted and then died with in the week of kidding.  It was awful.  So far so good this year.

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