Sunday, October 5, 2008

15th Pumpkin Festival, Pomeroy Living Farm

I got up at 4:30am yesterday to clean the parlor. I got the girls up at 5:00am to start milking and do their chores (milking, feed the chickens, dogs, cats, and grain the goats that are not milking). David got up at 6am to start haying. The girls have Civil Air Patrol at 7:15 this morning. I am excited because Danyel was taking one of her tests to move up in rank. And when I got home I found out she passed. I am so excited for her. Ali will take her test next weekend. But I left at 6:15 for Battleground Wa. to the Pomeroy Living Farm Pumpkin Festival. It is about an hour and a half drive. It was so windy out and then the rain came down. I have known how crazy these people are about getting their pumpkins at this farm.... rain or shine this is their annual event to go for a hay ride and visit the animals, check out the 20 vender's at this event and maybe have some lunch. And sure enough they came out, not in groves but in good numbers. This event is so well run and so fun. There were free games for the children to get out of the weather and a sandbox under cover with trucks and scoops and things. But the new thing this year was the Civil War Re-enactment team was there. There were maybe 20 people, civilians & soldiers. They did a rifle firing for us. They had their tents set up and their campfire going. It was a true step back in time.
The weather yesterday was on and off rain and then clearing, even one time the sun shone through and it was warm. Our sales were slow but that would of been expected at any market yesterday. I got home about 7:30pm, the market closed at 5pm. David was in Longview, WA and they closed down before two because they could see this one big black cloud coming and they had already had several dumpings on before. So we did about one normal farmers market sales yesterday between the both of us.
Today the whole family is going to the market in Battleground. We will load the van and leave about 9am. Today the market opens at noon but we have to be there by 11am. It runs till 5pm. The weather is suppose to be better today. My girls love the hayride and I have to admit we even get out pumpkins there (Danyel and Ali like to carve elaborately on their pumpkins). But because the Civil War guys are there we are going to dress period too. Anyway us girls. David said he'd take pictures and watch. But any chance us girls can wear our pretty dresses and hoops (only two of us have hoops) then we are on it. We will take a bowl with some garlic and dill chevre in it as a gift for the troops and deliver it in period style.
Today should prove to be a fun day at market.
We will milk at 8pm tonight, but we also started at 7pm so the goats wouldn't be to stressed out. Well got to get busy loading up and getting ready for our dress up day.

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