Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cheese Glitch

It was about 37 degrees this morning. Just enough cold to send a chill up your spine, but not cold enough to put on the parka. We ended up breeding two more does yesterday. I should have about 60 does left to breed. We should have about 105 does this year kidding. Lots of milk next milking season. David and Ali got up at 5:30 this morning to get their chores done before they had to leave at 6:30am for Broadway Farmers Market in Tacoma. This market is from 9-2 today. I will stay home and get some extra stuff done. Like Bookkeeping! We are not doing home school today - though Danyel has to get her report done for a presentation in Biology. Ali will just read her book.
I got the chevre made last night but not without a hitch. First, last week while I was making cheese David thought it would be a good idea to have the alarms go off to let me know when the pasteurizer hit its temp., so he messed with the gray box with all the electrical buttons, modes, the recording chart and such. I don't do anything with that box except turn on the pens and turn off the pens and replace the chart when its full. Well he couldn't get it to do the alarm thing - but put it back where he thought it was set when he was done. No big deal. The next batch of cheese I made that week didn't record right... I had to do it by hand and when he got home I told him of the problem. He must of forgot to fix it so when I went to make Chevre yesterday afternoon.... guess what? That gray box didn't want to record right. So David spent probably 4 or 5 hours trying to get it to do what its suppose to do. While he was working on it I made dinner, did chores and then I took the kids to church at 7pm. While the kids were at church I ran to Adna to vacuum pack the marinated feta. And you know what, I got that done and back at the church to pick the kids up on time. When I got home David had the gray box working right. So I started pasteurizing at 8:30pm and needless to say it was 12:30pm when I finished. So the cheese got made but I am tired. I'll hang it this afternoon and it will be ready by Friday morning to package for Sat. markets. I'll clean up the processing room today so I'll be ready to make another batch of cheese - maybe tormorrow afternoon. I sure could use another batch of Chevre in the freezer for the winter season. I will start some yogurt this morning and also some buttermilk. The buttermilk will be used tomorrow to make the Chevre.
At 10:30 I'll run Danyel to her Biology class today and then run to the Farm Store and get some more Udder wash, and then run and get some color ink - as the last package I got wasn't color and black it was only black. So I have run all my color out. I can do that before I pick up Danyel at 11:25 today.
Well I'll be on the computer most of the day doing bookkeeping - something I don't enjoy so I do it at the last minute. Like that is going to make it easier or less dreadful.
I hope you have a great day, look at all the colors in the trees and think of each leaf as friend in you life and then say a little prayer for each. See how colorful your life is!

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