Monday, October 13, 2008

Neighbor situation

Good Morning:
Its misting here, and its not to cool. Yesterday I went down and started whacking at some blackberries. Now your wondering why I didn't put my goats down there to do the job. Well when we put them down there - at the end of our driveway they are so nervous they don't eat the bushes. They worry. You see our neighbor has an obnoxious dog and he loves to run at them and scare them. The only place they are not afraid is inside their pen and with our big dogs watching them. Anyway I did cut some of them down and it is starting to look nice. Why would I want to cut them down, well our neighbor has built what I think to be a pretty large and deep pond next to my fence.... and then yesterday I noticed a black tarp going over the edge of his pond and heading toward my driveway. We have a culvert under our driveway leading into our field, which is where I think he is planning to run off his extra water. So anyway I have some concerns over his project and I think I'll have to talk to a land planner person on Tue to find out if he can do this. Oh yes, this is all man made - there is no natural spring there and he is filling it up with his hose. I am going to walk down the driveway as soon as the sun is up and see if I have a creek running through my field this morning. No water yet - maybe his well went dry - one can only hope. Neighbors.
I am on a dead end road and my policy is to not up set my neighbors by encroaching on their property or doing things that would make them mad. I don't want other peoples dogs on my property, that is why my dogs are confined on my property. I don't let my children go onto other peoples property without permission, nor do I let them do loud and noisey things which would disturb my neighbors. But, I kind of expect the same from my neighbors. I don't think I am asking to much. Anyway off of my soapbox.
My chevre is still hanging in the processing plant. This cool weather does something to the hanging time of my cheese. It still tastes great, but it just takes longer to get all the whey out of the cheese. I put the heater in the plant and hope it will finish dripping today.
David is going to do a Tue. market in Longview this week and see how that goes.
I am going to do a bazaar type thing in November and see how it works with selling cheese baskets for Christmas. I am going to take pictures of the baskets and display the photo's and take orders to be delivered the week before Christmas. I wonder how that will fly. So I am working on that today.
David will do Pikes Place the first Sat. of November and then pick up another day too.
I am going to try and work on painting the inside of my milking room this week - I keep a heater in there so it stays warm and will dry. I have to put the good paint over the primer paint and then that room is done. I also want to spray paint my bulk tank again - its kind of chipping off here and there. This is also a home school class - Occupational Education - sweet!
I want to vacuum my front room and the basement since my vacuum cleaner is fixed... I haven't had time to do that yet. A friend of mine brought me some tomatoes and peppers yesterday, how sweet. They should make some good salsa.
Our 4-H club is starting to plan their sleep over for this year. Its always fun to see what theme we are going to use. I think this year they have decided to us the theme Risk (the board game).
They want to stage war's with swords and they will have to get the velco ribbon off the persons back to conquer their country. Last year we did Clue (the board game). We turned our house into the mansion and each team got info about the mystery murder. Everyone had a great time and it was really a lot of fun. We have been doing this overnight for 4 years and each year it has gotten better. We do it in March so the other 4-H club from Clatskanie, Oregon can feed the babies and do the whole dairy thing. We always serve cheese and crackers. Last year we slept at the Hope Grange and that worked great. In the years past they slept in the basement. But since the flood we didn't have carpet down there yet and so we needed another place to sleep 15 kids. I am going to arrange the same thing this year.
Well that is enough chit chat I need to get busy with my home school schedual and getting things ready.
The picture is of Cloe my Anatolian Shepard Female - she dug a hole under her dog house.
Have a great day.

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