Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cheese Baskets Ready!

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Well I got away with it most of yesterday. Birthday's are not my thing so when mine comes around I try and lay low. I just don't like the fan fare. If you want to do something nice for someone do it on an unsuspecting day not on an obligation day. It means more for me on the other days. Anyway I do get calls from my parents, and children (most of them) and the youngest girls even got me a card. Which was really cute... There was a cow on the front behind a fence "Your Day. Your way. Your say." You open it up and it says "Its your birthday - milk it for all it's worth!" That was really funny.
This is one of my cheese baskets - $42
I made up David's cheese for market, garlic and dill and plain chevre. He loaded up the truck last night. Yesterday the girls had to go get some more shots for their school records. And we went by the 4-H office and picked up our club information. I am going to try and sell Christmas Baskets of cheese this year. So I ran by the dollar store and got a basket. When we got home David and I arranged the cheese and took pictures so I can put it on a poster to be able to sell them. We will make them up and deliver them to one spot in Longveiw the week before Christmas. I'll try and sell them at the Bazzar I am going to the first part of November. I think we will try it at Pikes Place too.
Speaking of Pikes Place that will start the first of November. I have to gear up for this market. We go through so many samples and not as much sales. At the farmers markets we use little samples and sell lots of cheese. Anyway David will have to stop by Cash and Carry after market on Sat. and get some more yogurt containers, chevre containers, tester spoons, toothpicks and sacks for the first of November. We will also be doing a market in Tacoma on Sat. too.
I caulked yesterday and I have to say it looks so good in the milk parlor. It closes all kinds of gaps and looks finished. But I am going to see if I can get a different caulk, because the one I got stays soft permanently and I think I'd rather have one that dries hard. Anyway I will pick up some more today and talk to the guys at ACE hardware.
I am going to start a batch of Grande' Rosa and Pepper Rosa today and also some yogurt and buttermilk. David cleaned all the dishes in the cheese processing plant yesterday for me and so I am ready this afternoon to make cheese. I will run Danyel to biology, deposit some money in the bank, pick up a few groceries and then pick up Danyel and head for home. She is going to work on her Biology project and I am going to work on cheese. And maybe caulk a little.
David and Ali are at their last Broadway Tacoma Farmers Market. I sure hope he sells a good amount of cheese today. They will be home about 4pm today. Then we have to milk, eat dinner and be at a football game at 6pm (or David has to).
I have said before we do foster children - but I won't talk about them on my blog except to say, this one is in football and this is his last game and its at home. So depending on where I am in the cheese process determines if I go. (Personally I don't enjoy freezing, getting wet in the rain to watch football and I have already gone to one of his home games this year - There was a total of 6 games and two were at home. And this time is David's turn. Did I mention the team is 5-0). Anyway this evening will be another run time.
Ali has to finish packing this evening for a Civil Air Patrol weekend at Lake Mayfield. She will earn a rank up doing this. We will run her up tomorrow evening.
Well life is good, well maybe great - we have a roof over our heads, meat in the freezer, and a job we enjoy, and a great family to work and play with. I don't care whats going on in the rest of the world as long as my world is working well. I guess I am an ostrich with my head in the sand.... but it works for me. Have a Great Day regardless of the hurricane outside your door.

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  1. Your cheese basket looks nice and so do the cheeses that are in it. Oh, and if you're really planning to sell those cheese, then I wish you all good luck.