Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thinking ahead to Thanksgiving

It is a cool morning, its not freezing but it has a clean crisp feeling. The girls are up and doing chores, I've done part of mine. I went and cleaned the milking parlor and set it up so when the girls go in to milk they just have to turn on the machine and go for it. They are into listening to the audio books while they milk. We have been going to the library once a week to check out books, mostly for our Washington State History information but the girls go through the audio books and find ones to listen to while in the milk parlor. It seems to keep their minds on what they are doing and milking gets done more efficiently. I bet the goats wonder who is talking so much.
I re-hung my chevre last night and this morning its finally ready to come down. I'll put it in the refrigerator until this afternoon when I will bag all the chevre I have and put it in the freezer. This way I have it when my does quit giving milk next month.
David is going to the new market in Longview today its from 9-2, down by the fairgrounds where he usually is on Sat. We are also going to do the other Tacoma one on Proctor on Sat. - for November.
Its time for me to start thinking Thanksgiving. I love that holiday better than any of the others. I love cooking and this is my holiday. I do all the cooking, well me and my children. We invite people from where ever to come and eat - our family is pretty good size but no all of them get to come. So I need to fill in the empty spots. Our tradition is every child gets to pick out what kind of pie they like and Nana (me) makes them a mini pie all their own. The adults also put in thier order but I make a big pie that everyone gets a piece of. I usually have at least 15 different pies for dessert. Its awesome. Anyway I am getting ahead of myself and the season.
Today I am going to call the planning commission about the neighbor's pond. An up date no water is flowing through my field yet. David walked down there and he pond isn't full yet either.
There were three does that are in heat this morning, so they will go have a visit with one of my guys. When I look at the number of does that are going to kid in Feb. its scary. Its good too, cause I'll have them all done early but ALL is a lot of kids to bottle feed.
Have a great day and enjoy the season at hand.

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