Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good Morning. Danyel and Ali said the sunrise this morning was red - so of course they took a picture. Yesterday the markets were alright, or I should say mine was fine but David's was low. After I got home from market I hung the chevre. It was still draining this morning and hopefully it will be able to be got down this evening. I let the girls sleep in this morning until 7am - me too! It felt good. We leave for church at 10:15 and are home about 12:30. I am fixing chili and the works for lunch today. Today will be a catch up day for me... I"ll check some homeschool assignments and then maybe make some apple dumplings for dinner dessert. Yesterday David took part of my vaccum cleaner to the fixit shop and they fixed the part. So I'll vaccum today and test out the machine. I also want to give the dogs a bath (little dogs).
This is a photo looking across our field, one of the girls took it.
I hope you all have a great Sunday and relax - or as much as you can.

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