Monday, October 20, 2008

Blustry weather is here!

Good Morning. Its windy and pouring rain this morning. This weekend went well, no rain and little wind. The farmers markets were alright, mine was down in dollars but that is they way it goes with farmers markets. After David's market he ran to Cash and Carry to get some more containers for the garlic and dill chevre and the yogurt. And he got the taster spoons, $53 for a box. That is crazy. When we got home it was about 1 hour before we had to start chores. We were short one person as Ali was with her CAP platoon for the weekend. So we covered her chores and got finished about 6:30pm. I ran in and made dinner - baked salmon (Ali doesn't like fish), baked potato and veg. And then we all sat around and read books. Bed came early as we were all tired.
Sunday was a little slower. I got the kids up at 7am to do chores and after chores we headed to church. After church was lunch... chili and all the fixings. I went out and cleaned the parlor and then we all got dressed again and headed up to Lake Mayfield to go to the ceremony for the Civil Air Patrol. Ali got pinned and moved up a rank. Ya! I had to pin the pins on. Well, my fingers are numb and pinching those frogs (the little clips) that go on the back of those pins was almost impossible. I even dropped one on the ground. But I got it done. And was so proud of her passing her test. We ate cake and visited with other parents. We left at 5:45 for home. Everyone changed clothes and jumped into doing their chores. I cooked hamburgers and fries for dinner. At 8:30 we all sat down so I could do our reading time. Only have three more chapters and we are done with this book - the girls already have the next one picked out. Since we turned off the satellite we spend more time reading. And we started this half hour reading thing. We have read two books now since the NO TV thing. The girls didn't like not having their half hour reading while Ali was gone.
I am going to make some chevre this morning before milk gets picked up. I will make about 30 gallons. I will also make some buttermilk and start some yogurt. I have some running around to do while Danyel is at Biology. David has market in Longview tomorrow and will go to Winco to get my grocery's for the Cheese class this weekend. I can't believe its almost here. Anyway I am going to try another one the 22 of November, as some people cant make it to this one.
We decided that we won't bred anymore does to Ice this year, as his feet are hurting him and I am not sure he is doing his thing. The boar bucks all perform quicker. Anyway I think I have all most all my girls bred anyway.
I hope you all have a great day and remember who really is in control....Not us!

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