Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Flooding!

This is Ali and her glowing hair. A covered Bridge at 3:30 today
Heading twords Adna, Wa.
The water is covering fields.

Good Evening to you all. To let you all know we are high and dry this flood around. We got up this morning to rain and the knowlage that the rivers were going to flood. So we decided to take a drive after chores this morning. We couldn't get very far from home. We tried going across I-5 at exit 68 and there was a road block. Then we went to Winlock and tword Toledo and viewed the Cowlitz River - it was pretty high. Then we went on Jackson Hwy and had to drive through three water over the road area's. (we could see the yellow line and we went slow). Then we headed out tword Adna and viewed the corn fields flooded and the ducks and geese and swans swimming on them like no big deal. We went on to a road called Twin Oaks and came to the road block. At this point there was alot of water rushing over the road. A house was surrounded by water and the barn doors were open with water rushing through the barn. Then we turned around and went through Napavine on hwy 603 to look out over the ridge. It looked like last year. It was pretty bad. I know Black Sheep Creamery got their flock out and to high ground and they got everything in thier house moved upstairs and I am sure they got evacuated out. When we came home it was raining again. We watched movies and played games on the computer and worked on our puzzel today. David on the other hand is still stuck up in Seattle. He stayed in a motel last night and went back to the market this morning to sell cheese. He said he wasn't sure if he was going to stay another night in a motel or try and get through. He said he needed to go get a shaver and shaving lotion and a tee shirt to wear tomorrow if he stayed.
So the girls and I did all the chores today. I have to say I am glad its David that is stuck - cause I wouldn't do very good in this situation - by myself.
I turned my cheese today, and froze milk from this morning. Tomorrow will be the same as today.... Hopefully David will be able to get home.
Have a Great evening.

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  1. Great pictures. We hope David got home safely last night. Ali you look "great". Sure hope Mother Nature takes a break for a while. thanks for the great pictures and info! Love Mom