Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rain - Can we get a break - weather wize!!

The Before Picture of Danyel's hair and the after picture of Danyel's hair. She is giving about 12 inches of hair to Locks of Love.
Hello again. Well everyone's eyes are on the rivers around here. The rain total is getting higher and higher. We sit on a hill why would we be worried about rain totals? Well the water runs off the last year tree harvest area above us. We are keeping an eye on our back property for that river trickle that turned into a major water way flooding our basement.
As of 1o:30 the radio said we have had 1.75 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. We took Danyel to Napavine school for her class. Her school is one of the few schools that haven't sent children home yet. We are going to go drive around and take some pictures when we pick Danyel up from her class. We have loaded the girls 24 hour Civil Air Patrol packs and our boots and rain coats in case we see a need we can help.
Our goats are dry and the chores are all done. David went to Seattle to Market today and his report from there is that the wind is blowing really hard. Its not raining so much but very windy. We will keep him posted on the water issue so he can get home tonight.
Our big thing yesterday was getting Danyel's hair cut. She hasn't had it cut since she was very small, around 3. She loves her hair cut too. Ali had to have something so she bought hair color and dyed her hair very gold blonde. She looks fine - but I think she is glowing.
As for David and I we think we look fine and decided to let the girls have thier fun.
I'll give you another up date on the flooding tomorrow.
Have a great day and stay dry.... take an umbrella out with you today I think it might rain.

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  1. I like your Blogs, they are very informative. Way to go Danyel, you still have a lot of hair. Let's see a picutre of the "glowing" Ali. Love Mom