Monday, January 5, 2009

Here comes the Snow again.

This is a picture one of the girls took of ice and snow melting off the roof of the milk parlor.
Good Evening. Wouldn't you know it.... the snow returned. But he brought his friend the wind with him. Together they could cause everyone to worry. And we did. Cloe, our female anatolian shepard was back out in her dog house. The snow started coming and coming and coming - soon all the green that we saw the day before was gone and the driveway was white and untouched again. But it was the wind that caught us watching the trees and roofs for damage. Then I remembered Cloe in the pasture with her dog house.... and sure enough that wind had blown it over and Cloe sat in the snow waiting. The girls put her in the barn. Where she dried off and was more protected

David went around and fixed fences today. Man the snow really messed up our fences, with limbs and packed snow pushing it down. The goats knew yesterday the fences were down. As they were out of the pasture yesterday and today. Its crazy that they can hear that hum on the wire.

I turned the cheese over again in the processing plant. I am getting about two gallons a day of milk that I am freezing so that maybe I can make another batch of feta. We only have two pieces of our fresh left. Anyway we'll see.

David took Monday and Tue off and is going to try Wed. at Pikes Place Market. He'll work
through Sunday.
Market has been going pretty good. We are selling alot of our Grande'Rosa and Pepper Rosa. We are cutting the rounds at the market. It seems we are selling more of the cheese doing it this way.
I am back to homeschooling the girls after our Christmas Break. Its hard to get back into the routine. We got a lot of school done today. Danyel had Biology today too. David ran around town paying bills and picking up a few things we needed.

Tomorrow David will go get some grain and set us up for this week. We have a big day tomorrow. Danyel is getting about 14 inches of her hair cut off. Her hair has never been cut before. But she wants to donate her hair to Locks of Love. Her hair will be a little longer than her shoulders. She is really exicited. Getting ready for Civil Air Patrol will be alot easier putting the bun in. I'll show pictures tomorrow the before and after.
We will have Grange tomorrow evening too. So I have to make a potluck dish to take.
Sunday we finally got to go to church. It seems like months since we were there. The music was great and the message was good too. After church we had company, Lacee and her husband Ben. They ate chili with us. We visited for a long time. It was really good.

We started our next puzzel,1000. Our last one was 550, so we figured we were ready for more of a challenge. Everyone works on it.

If you can find good in everything you will not be burdened with the heavyness of worry.

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