Friday, January 2, 2009

Looking Ahead to the New Year

Good Morning,

This is a picture of "Kusco" this summer looking through the milking parlor window to get a grain treat from Danyel.

Well, we all celebrated the New Year. But..... I was thinking Jan. 1 isn't a farmers New Year. Our New Year starts somewhere in the middle of Feb. when our does start having babies. Anyway I hope everyone has a Great Year! I can't believe we have two inches of new snow this morning. The forcast says warming but possible more snow. I hear the water dripping outside and its 36 degrees - YA!

I cleaned the bulk tank for the last time this season. We are milking only 8 goats and they are slowly giving way to thier bodies message of stop producing. I would love to make one more batch of fresh feta to get us through till Feb. I made a 22 gallon batch of Grande Rosa and Pepper Rosa on 1/1/09. That gave me about 6 rounds of cheese. We are down to two gallons a day - so maybe in a week I'll have enough milk to make a batch of cheese. I have to also make yogurt for the Pikes Place Creamery each week too.

Yesterday we went and got some hay. The van is fixed - David stayed home on the 29th of December and took the van to get the estimate. OUCH! but now we can haul hay again. I took it in on Tue and it took about 1 hour to attach the new hitch. Danyel and I sat in the lobby and read our books and glanced at the TV (a real treat for us). We went to the library in Winlock after the van was fixed. Then we went to the Thrift store in Winlock - looking for a new coat for Danyel. We found - a swade black coat, a formal blue velvet dress trimmed with black around the neck line, black satin shoes, and a black small purse - I got a new jumper and dress. The cost was $18. WOW! I was so excited. Danyel loves her new stuff too. I am so thankful my daughters don't have to have designer stuff - and that second hand is as exciting as brand new. Thanks Lord for such awsome daughters - in fact all my children are like that. I think its because I don't do it. Its the same with make-up. The girls do it for dress up and play rather than to hook a guy or to make themselves look HOT!

Well I am going to call the vet today about Kusco.... I haven't shared this with everyone because its hard to tell about such serious sickness. But Kusco disloacated his hip bone. We have waited to call the vet. because we thought with tender loving care it would relocate. It hasn't and then our next thought was to put him out of his missery - which I can see in his eyes each day when we feed, water and re-adjust his position. But David told me yesterday to call the vet and see if there is anything we can do for him. Kusco is Danyel's pack goat. She has been training him for three years and he is an awsome goat. The call to the vet, didn't do any good - he's out until the 5th. So I'll call then. I'll keep you posted.

I'v finished the book Animal, Veg., Mircle and I got so inspired. I have to say the last chapter talking about evolution turned me off. But I can glean alot of information from this book. It was a fun book to read.

We went to Market on Wed. and did pretty good on sales. Then we came home and unloaded the car and packed the girls sleeping bags and such so they could spend the night at the church with the youth group. They of course didn't sleep - but they got to ring in the new year with friends. David and I spent about an hour at the church playing scrabble and cribbage. Then we came home counted cheese and then went to bed. Before the new year!

New Years Day was mostly just relaxing and catching up on like fixing the fence after the snow - making cheese and working on our puzzle. The girls slept most of the day, and were in bed by 9pm that night.

Today Danyel and I are taking down all the Christmas stuff and putting my house back in order. And clearing some of the other stuff on the china hutch away and simplifying my house again. This time of year is when our house slows down for a few weeks and there is so much I need to get done before kidding season and the really serious cheese making takes place. I'll be back to three times a week making cheese and two times a week going to markets. We are planning on doing at least 10 different markets this year. On top of milking about 80-100 does. This will be a very busy year.

Hope everyone is taking a look at thier plans for next year and keeping our sites on the future and realistic goals. Have a Great Day.

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