Monday, January 19, 2009

Horn Banding Day!

Good Afternoon:

Well, we banded horns this afternoon right after history class. So as I pomised here are our pictures. The first picture is of the horns on the goat. Second picture of me filing a notch as close to the skull as I can. It doesn't have to be big, but big enough to hold two bands in it. I notch out one on the front of the horn and one on the back. The third picture is of the bands on the horns - I use two. This ensures if they rub thier horns they may break one band but the second is usually still on. If you do this right... the goat should be throwing his head and rubbing his horns. It doesn't hurt them - there is just pressure on the horn and its uncomfortable. It takes about 2-3 weeks before they drop off. They stop being crazy by the next day. Its sort of like banding a buck and the laying down and getting up and crying is the same thing.

David left for market this morning and ended up calling me and said the car died. And so he got it jumped and came home. He say's he'll take the truck from now on. He did pretty good yesterday at market.... not good enough for me to have to package more cheese though. thats how we know its a really good market day.... is if I have to work making up more cheese for the next day at market. Anyway he is home today. I have him doing little fix-it up jobs around the dairy.

We are going to milk every other day in hopes of drying these last 7 girls up by this weekend. I am down to a little over a gallon a milking.

All the does are looking pretty big, from being pregnant. It looks like a good crop of does this year and that means a good crop of kids.

For P.E. today we worked for one hour cleaning one of the kid pens. This pen is alot harder than the other one we did. So it will take us a few days on this pen.

Well hope the banding horns helped you be able to do it yourself.

Have a great day. Remember you are what you eat! So eat healthy and stay active. (If you need something to do come work with us on the dairy for a day or two)

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! We are still kidding up a storm here. :-) We disbud all our babies at two weeks of age. This is an interesting article on banding. We always have some babies who slip through the cracks and don't get disbudded in time!