Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Snow and Ice

Good Morning:

These are our goats on a snowy day! Warm and Dry. Bernie (Anatolian Shepard lives with the goats and Dutches (Pappillion) herds our goats.

I was up at 5am to make garlic and dill chevre for David to take to market. I also had to package and label some more marinated feta. David sold alot of cheese yesterday. Its a blessing cause our house payment is due in 15 days and we needed the sales. Ya!

I turned my cheese yesterday and this evening they are coming out of the molds and will be salted.

Danyel and I got the house cleaned and all the Christmas stuff up in the attic. Its refreshing to start with an orderly house for the new year. Now I just have to get my desk cleaned and all the data entered. Our tax guy likes the taxes early like January so I need to finish that too.

Today I need to get to town to get dog food. Its pretty icy this morning - hope it warms up cause I couldn't go yesterday because I was waiting for my son to come - and I didn't want to miss him. But around 2pm I called him and said don't come - the snow started coming down pretty heavy and was sticking again.

Danyel and I did chores at 4:30 and when I was done haying, watering and cleaning the parlor I came in and made stew for dinner. Then we worked on the puzzle and watched Pirates of the Caribbean, until David got home from market.

Today its Ali and I all day. We have no big plans.

Have a Great Day and take a deep breath outside and smell the crisp air.

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