Sunday, January 11, 2009


Good Morning:
Well we were there - when they opened I-5 to the truckers. We stood on the over pass and waved as they went past. What a site. And I know they were very glad.

It was alot of fun to watch the trucks go by.

This is the bridge the morning 1/9/09 Water going down.

I went to market with David on Sat. We did pretty good for this year, but we are about 1/2 of what we did last year. Now the gas prices are going up and that means feed will go up and so will other commodities. David had a guy yesterday say to him we should just have a straight gas price of $3.00 a gallon. David said sure that would be great..... we could all stay home, have no fresh produce (that you could afford), and the small farmers go out of business because grain is to high for us to affordably feed our stock. And for the diary person - we have stainless steel equipment and filters and rubber stops and chemicals to clean with. And then the cheese side its the containers, bags, processing equipment. All these things drive the cost of our cheese up and then no one can afford it. Thus the big guy wins again..... and the little guy gets lost in the dollars. Who can we trust to take care of us if we can't take care of ourselves? God! I can for sure say it doesn't matter if we are farming or not - that MY God will take care of us no matter what the economy is doing. AMEN!

Alright off my soap box. Just one more word..... shop the farmers markets this summer ..... WE NEED YOU! And while your at the market why not thank the farmer for his hard work to bring you good quality food.

David got to come home on Friday. He was sure glad. Thats why I know the truckers were glad to get on the road. He sold in three days $25 dollars of cheese - though it paid for two nights in a motel and ate six meals too and bought toilet things. Crazy. Oh well- God is Good.

Have a Great Day.

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