Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Sonshine Is Wonderful

Hello to the New Person

Good - by to the old person

Good Morning:

Yesterday David got another order from a store for our cheese - IGA Cedar Village in Winlock, WA - ordered garlic and dill chevre and plain chevre to put on their shelves.

I froze the milk we got yesterday - 1 gallon and 1/2. We will milk on Friday to try and pull more does off. I hate to just stop them from milking due to mastitis and I know from being a breast feeding mom how I felt - so I have sympathy for my does.

David worked on fencing yesterday. He made the fence more sturdy coming up the driveway. It looks really good.

We also had a hose break on Tue evening on the commercial hot water heater - it steamed up the bulk tank room and was squirting hot water everywhere. David turned off the water so we didn't have to clean the parlor that night - but Wed. morning he was at Home Depot getting the part. By the end of milking it was fixed and we were back to cleaning things up. I thought the part would cost about $100 since it had to do with my commercial hot water heater, but God is watching over us - it was only $14 for the part. Amen!!

David also took his car in to get it fixed and they couldn't find anything wrong. So he cleaned the terminals on the batteries and its been fine. God is Good !

We went to the thrift store and found Ali a dress to wear to the Civil Air Patrol Dance at their conference coming up. Its really pretty, black and pink - the color she loves the most, PINK.

David and I got the fresh feta vacuum packed yesterday over at Black Sheep Creamery. Now we are set until we start milking near the end of Feb. . Today I'll go vacuum pack the marinated feta and some chevre.

Danyel got baptized with about 19 other youth kids. We are so proud of her choice. Also two of our first foster daughters also got baptized. Ya! This is how you know something went right with your training of your children.

Today I will deliver some cheese to the Post Office, a mail carrier loves out cheese and I told her I'd be in town today and would bring her some.

The sunshine sure give me a better outlook on life. It lifts my spirits. I have W.O.W. tonight - women's bible study.

I need to make a double batch of rolls for the Banquet on Sat. Evening for Civil Air Patrol. And the girls are going to make a dessert too.
Have a Great Day and enjoy the SON!


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