Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just a peaceful day at the dairy

These are some mailboxes on Twin Oaks road. The during and after shot. Jan. 8 & 9.

Good Morning.

Its another day on the dairy. We had a tour yesterday. We ran to Olypmia to drop off some cheese at Dockside Bistro. David didn't go to market. We got our homeschool done. And I made a Chicken Broccoli Braid for dinner..... All is good at the Rider House.

This morning David went and got hay. To get Danyel to school we have to drive about 7 miles out of our way due to road consturction in Napavine. After I picked her up we ran to Winlock to checkout a movie that we wanted to watch and to pick up a book Danyel had ordered. Home for lunch and back to school. We will be done about 3pm with school. Then feed the goats, make dinner and then off to church. Then when we get home from church we'll all sit and watch Ann Franks Diary. Then pack David's car so he is ready for market. Oh yes, market he made $60 on Monday. What a waste and he took Ali with him - so it cost him double on food. No more Monday's.

Well this is a short and sweet blog today. But its going to be sunny the rest of this week, almost up to 60 degrees.

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