Monday, January 12, 2009

Just Another Day at the Dairy

These are picture when the water was receding and when the water was raging. This is a barn on Twin Oaks Road, heading out tword Adna, WA.

Good Morning. David and Ali went to market today. Danyel and I did the chores and then did some Algerbra. I took Danyel to Biology and after that we are heading to Olympia to drop off some chevre at the Dockside Bistro. David also took some more chevre to Michou. The market yesterday was slow, meaning not alot of sales. Yesterday, I ran and got some grain and the girls unloaded it. We went to church in the morning. The girls had two neighbor girls spend the night, which means I don't see my girls because they are all down stairs playing board games or watching movies or playing on the computer.

Danyel took another goat off line today. Now we have 7 milking and that will be slowing going away, as she takes them off one by one this week. I have milk saved in the freezer for making yogurt. My last batch of feta is in the pastuizer today - I skipped out yesterday on the task. But in the end its alright because I ended up with 17 gallons. Won't make alot of cheese but will help with the fresh feta.

The goats went out this morning and are enjoying the grass. Its overcast but not raining or snowing. Its great. Tomorrow I'll have David go get some hay.

Danyel and I ran around and did a bunch of erronds today so didn't get home till 4pm. But we got done.

Have a great day remember Jesus is the Reason....... even for FARMING.

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